Annovi Reverberri X-pro X power line-13.7 MTSS


  • Two wheels trolley mounted unit with detergent tank and handle.

    Triplex pump with certain plungers,connecting rod system.

    Automatic by-pass valve.

    Pressure guage.

    Built-in detergent suction w/adjustment.

    Three-phases heavy duty motor w/thermal protector.

    Power supply cord,length 5 m.

    Delayed TSS remote control for shut down of high pressure cleaner.

    water filter..

    detergent tank capacity.

    H.P type hose gun and lance.

    Adjustable high/low pressure and fan/pencil jet spray head.  


  • Model

    X Pro X-Power Line 13.7 MTSS

  • Max Pressure

    170 Bar 2500 psi

  • Flow Rate

    900 Lt / 238 gph

  • Power

    3.5 hp 9.0 Kw

  • Rpm


  • Max inlet

  • Temperature

    50 Celsius 122 Fahrenheit

  • Weight

    52 Kg

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