MFY 4WM Paint Curing /Drying System-Shortwave Infrared Lamps


  • Made from aluminium alloy ,with 304 grade bright stainless steel reflector and other special materials .

    Equipped with PHILIPS or VPOWER gold coated shortwave infrared halogen lamp tube (OPTIONAL)

    Fully Automatic device ,electronic timer and power setting with LED display.

    Hydraulic lifter ,360 degree rotation is available ,independent switch.

    Routine and pulse preheat curing function power supply 200-400 V 50/60 Hz4x1000W

    Curing area 1200x1000mm

    Temperature:40 Degree Celsius -100 Degree Celsius

    Set time :0-99 Min Adjustable .

    Temperature setting.

    Fully automatic overload protect.

    Each emitter can be controlled independently.

    Eco-tags and standards

    Eco-tags and standards

    Car Brands Recommendations



There is no specifications for MFY 4WM Paint Curing /Drying System-Shortwave Infrared Lamps

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