MFY 8000-250 Multi-functional resistance SPOT+MIG Welder

Multi-functional resistance Spot and MIG Welder


  • MFY-8000-250 is a multi tasking welder which combines a variety of functions into one unit. The system caters to all your welding needs such as spot welding, MIG welding, dent pulling, sheet metal welding, carbon heating and shrinking and triangle washer welding. Despite its size and many functions it is still simple to operate and easy to maneuver Your work can be done quickly and easily with one of the best tools in the auto collision repair industry.


  • a) All in one design for high quality spot welding and MIG welding in one unit
    b) Suitable for dent pulling of different kinds of car steels such as conventional steel and stainless steel
    c) A welding gun test function to evaluate the usage status of the welder
    d) A variety of welding procedures are available such as shrinking, washer,direct-pulling, spot welding, flattening, waveform wire, stud welding, OT washer and triangle washer e) Complete with pneumatic vacuum cu-pule
    h) Complete with rotatable gun cable support arm
    i) Complete with heated gas regulator
    j) MIG welder with welding current 250A, spot welder with maximum welding current 5400A and input voltage 380V
    k) Complete with VPOWER wire feeder l) Taiwan TIANWEI switch
    m) With the world famous EMIR brand welding gun
    n) Separated wire feeder and welding gun with extendable cable is available as an option

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    MFY 8000 UNIT

  • Input Voltage

    220V or 380V | 50/60Hz

  • Input Power (KVA)

    21 KVA

  • Input Current (A)


  • |MAX


  • Output Voltage


  • Operation way


  • Welding Time


  • mm

    0.8 +1.2 mm

  • Reg


  • Dimensions

    87x46x165 cm

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