MFY 87 A/86A Multifunctional IGBT inverter Dent Puller


  • With The most advanced international IGBT inverter technology and advanced digital control and user freindly design ,all you have to do is select the welding function correspond to he work pieces  thickness to achieve the best weld quality.

    Digital control system offer greater stability of the output power 

    Automatic mains voltage monitoring .

    overheat protection 

    stepless current regulation.

    Designed to repair different type of steel such as stainless steel and unconventional steel.

    Various  welding procedures are available such as shrinking ,washer welding, dent pulling , spot welding ,flattening , waveform  wire welding,stud welding,OT washer welding ,triangle washer welding etc.

    High precision time and power adjustment system.

    Inverter technology with high efficiency ,energy consumption can be reduced up to 50% 

    Eco-tags and standards

    Eco-tags and standards


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  • Model

    MFY -87 A |MFY -86 A

  • Input Voltage

    MFY 87A :-220V/380 V/50 Hz/60 Hz| MFY 86A:-220V/380 V/50 Hz/60 Hz

  • Input Current

    MFY 87A:- 6Kva | MFY 86A:- 4.8 Kva

  • Max Current

    MFY87A:-1500A |MFY86A:-1200A

  • Output Voltage


  • Operation Way

    MFY87A:-Electronic timer continuously |MFY86A:-Electronic timer continuously

  • Welding Time

    MFY87A:-0-99s |MFY86A:-0-99s

  • Dimension

    MFY87A:-37x23x28 Cm | MFY86A:-37x23x28Cm

  • Weight

    MFY87A:-10 Kg | MFY86A:-9.5 Kg

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