MLSK 50400 Pedal Operated Grease Dispenser


  • Product Description

    Portable and wheel Mounted Lever or pedal operated manual grease Pumps .Practical and functional ,they can be used  in all workplaces and enable quick ,high pressure greasing on any motor vehicle or mechanism .They are equipped with grease follower plate that protects the lubricant and ensure the positive priming 

  • Equipped with

    Portable High Pressure 300-350 bar

    Pedal operated grease pump equipped with:Tank Kgs ,Grease follower plate,MLSA 176402.0025 1/4 “2.5 M Hose

    Rigid terminal with 4 jaw grease head


There is no specifications for MLSK 50400 Pedal Operated Grease Dispenser

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