MUL -299E Uni linear Hydraulic Car Bench


  • Power of the whole machine is triple out electric pump station platform rise and fall ,two tower pulling and stretch ,can be achieved with only one remote control their own independent operation ,so as to realize centralized control .A key in Hand ,manipulation of freely.

    Totally enclosed three way hydraulic piping ,electrical control,not influenced by the external environment,and can demolition .installation ,the failure rate is very low.

    Tilt hydraulic lifting platform assembled the light and flexible support leg to make the car driven on and off more convenient 

    Flat plate and 5 lines square holes working platforms ,No work blind spot

    The pulling towers can work along the track for 3600 rotation ,unique wheel rotation ,the pulling towers move more stable more flexible.

    Famous universal clamping system anchors any passage car,pickup ,SUV with auto skirt quickly and rock solid.

    Three dimensional coordinate (PTP) measure system ,the most measurement of the world ,seamless breakpoints, Conveneint operation


  • Model

    MUL 299E

  • Frame Length

    5600 mm

  • Frame width

    2122 mm

  • Height

    520 mm

  • Pulling capacity

    95 Kn

  • Air supply required

    220/380 V

  • Radius of pulling

    360 degrees

  • Max loading

    3500 Kg

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