MUL 600 Body Collision Repair System -Auto Jig


  • European working frame machine welded with cold high alloy rectangular tubes full plate and high intensity .Controlled by an electronic  hydraulic pump ,the lifting frame is operated conveniently and quickly.

    The vertical lifting frame can be used as a scissor lift ,oriented safely at height from 260mm to 1600 mm .

    Frame basement ca be put up ,four wheel are movable ,after fixing vehicle to frame, move them together to a sufficient space.

    The slope makes it easier to quickly and conveniently repair vehicles.and the rigs are used to lock /anchor Wheels 

    Two flexible moving pulling towers are firmly and can be stretched at different direction

    Hydraulic system is of strong power and durable

    The metal sheets are made after a process of heat treatments and are approved to be high durable and equipped to correct almost all forms of body collision repair requirements 

    Main clamp jaw can be fixed onto the auto-body with precision ,can correct the main clamp and cross beam together wit one screw.Scientific design,firm fixing and quick operation improves working efficiently greatly.

    Retractile wheel base coordinates measuring (PTP),is the worlds most advanced measuring system ,no interrupted points ,operated conveniently,laser carved scale ,durable         



  • Model


  • Frame Length

    4160 mm

  • Frame width


  • Maximum frame height

    1600 mm

  • Minimum frame height

    260 mm

  • Air supplied required

    95 Kn

  • Rated Voltage

    220 V/380 V

  • Working Range of pulling tower

    360 degree

  • Max load bearing

    3000 Kg

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