Mytools 8001A Paint booth


  • Our series of spray booths are highly economical and reliable provide spraying accelerated drying or baking in one clean fast operation.the airflow system provides a scrupulous clean environment within the paint booth.operators may therefore work with complete comfort and confidence using virtually any type of environment and today’s paint material


  • Model

    Mytools 800IA

  • Raised height

    300 mm with metal base

  • Outside dimension

    7120mmx 5420mm x 3350 mm

  • Inside dimension

    7000 mm x 4000 mm x 2650mm

  • Wall panels

    Pre painted steel sheet double skinned with installation (EPS) 60 mm thickness.Tongue and groove interlock construction

  • Doors

    3 main entrance doors 3000 mm x 2600 mm

  • One personal Service door

    800 mm x 2000 mm

  • Intake

    Two double intake centrifugal fan:22000 cmh ,motor 45 KW x 2 Belt dive

  • Extract

    One double intake Centrifugal fan Capacity :22000 cmh ,motor 7.5 Kw belt dive

  • Heating System

    Stainless Heating Exchanger 60 Celsius - 80 Celsius

  • Working Temperature Diesel oil burner from RIELLO italy

  • Filter System

    4 sort of filters and ceiling fan filtration area (22 M2)

  • Air intake Pre-filter ,Ceiling filter ,floor filter paint shop /arrester ,extract or paint dust stop arrester filter

  • Lighting system

    Upper inclined lights Sets 10 units ,4X36W each set (Additional lights optional as per requirement)

  • Control System

    With World famous branded Reliable component ,Digital Temperature readout,

  • Available bake settings

    Bake Timer,Hour meter ,Over temperature Alarm ,indicator light

  • Available Mechanism

    Emergency Stop,Magnetic pressure gauge ,with motorized dampers

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