MYTOOLS MYA E58 ZigBee Wireless Computerized Wheel Aligner

Computerized Wheel Aligner


    • Windows® XP or 7 operation system  on LCD.
    • 3D animation navigation and training video delivering a dazzling visual and instructional experience.
    • Measurement  and alignment available even  on power outage.
    • Lift runway calibration and compensation guaranteeing accurate alignment even on non-level lift runway.
    • Vehicle database from internationally authoritative Auto Data® Co. UK.
    • New Generation “Zigbee” Wireless Communication Technology 
       -Replacing outdated Bluetooth technology
       -Stronger networking capacity
       -Greater reliability
       -Lower energy-consumption 
       -Faster data transmission over longer distance.
    • Mutual control between sensor head and PC mainframe.
    • Data freezing program(JACK-HOLD) for alignment adjustment and auto-parts replacement on lift.
    • Self-diagnosis, Repair and Correction with Sensor.
    •  Work Efficiency Management for recording operation steps ,analyzing operations increasing work efficiency
    • Customer vehicle alignment plan and manage records / alignment history & optimizing alignment steps & key points.
    • Operational status recorder
    • Front wheel quick measurement and adjustment, needless of rear wheel sensors.
    • Low chassis and small size wheel measurement by inclining sensors, extending the scope of applied vehicles
    • 90° rolling compensation for swift and convenient 4 wheel synchronous compensation with higher accuracy
    • Multi-language  audio guidance  and instruction,simple to use, easy to follow.
    • User friendly intelligent control system with sensor back-lit LCD, indicated battery power,communication signal volume


  • Unique E58 Spec

    CCD infra red image recognition & measurement technology with infra red CCD 2X4 sensor system on E58

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