Nextech NGA-6000 Gas Analyzer


  • This modern gas analyzer designed for today stringent emission requirements.

    it has four gas (CO,CO2,andO2) measurement and provides lambda and air/fuel ratio calculation.

    Display is handled by six bright LED elements and test results can be printed on the built-in printer.

    The unit is provided with pc link software for storage and analysis of data .it can be upgraded to 5 gas on request  and has RS232 communication for display on Carman VG

  • Outstanding accuracy,stability and durability upgrade able to five gas(NOx option ,when you order)

    Response time of less than 10 seconds standby for extend pump life and low power consumption

    automatic adjustment of warm-up time 2-8 minutes RS232 PC link kit (software & cables).

    Elegant appearance.

    Portable (compact size,light weight).

    Spare parts kit supplied as standard.

    5 stages filtration system supplied for bench protection

    Compatible with Dyno application.

    Leak check function to check hose and probe integrity.

    Hold function to pause measurement.

    Official Emission testing software.

    Residual HC test

    fuel type selection-petrol,LPG ,CNG, and Alcohol.

    Stainless steel probe for extended life.

    Built in printer     


  • Model


  • Measuring Item

    Co,HC,Co2,Lambdar(air supply rate),AFR,NOx (optional)

  • Measuring item

    CO,HC,CO2:NDIR Method 02,NOx :Electrochemical Cell

  • Measurement


  • Measuring range

    CO-0,00~9.99% HC-0-9,999 or 20,000ppm Co2-0.0~20.0 O2- 0.00~25.00 Lambda- 0~2.000 AFR-0,0~99.0 Nox 0~5,000 ppm

  • Resolution

    CO-0.01% HC-1ppm 0.10% CO2-0.10% 02-0.01% Lambda-0.001 AFR-0.1 Nox-1ppm

  • Display

    CO-4 Digit 7 segment LED HC-4 or 5 Digit 7 segment Led Co2-4 Digit 7 Segment LED O2-4 Digit 7 segment led Lamda-4 Digit 7 segment LED AFR- 4 Digit 7 segment Nox -4 Digit 7 Segment

  • Response time

    within 10 Second (more than 90%)

  • Reapeatability

    Less than +or-2% FS

  • Warming

    About 2~8 L/min

  • Pump Flow Rate

    4~6 L/min

  • Dimension

    420(W)x298 (D)x180 (H) mm

  • Power

    AC 110 V only r AC 220 V only +or- 10 %

  • power consumption

    about 50 W

  • Operating Temperature

    0-40 Celcius

  • Weight

    6.9 Kg

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