MYTOOLS MYA- G58 ZigBee Wireless – Computerized Wheel Aligner

Computerized Wheel Aligner


    • New Generation “Zigbee” Wireless Communication Technology 
       -Replacing outdated Bluetooth technology
       -Stronger networking capacity,
       -Greater reliability
       -Lower energy-consumption
       -Faster data transmission over longer distance.
    • 360° 08 Beam infrared  CCD
       – Image recognition and measurement technology super self-adapting ambient light 360° measuring field around vehicles
    • Remote Control B
       -Between Measuring Head and PC mainframe.
    • ON Board UPS System
       -Measurement and alignment available even on power outage.
    • Dual Modes Wire and Wireless 
    • Windows XP or 7 operation
      -System on LCD.
    • Multi-language Audio guidance
    • 3D animation 
      -Navigation a dazzling visual and instructional experience and with instruction video training,.
    • Sensor with LCD Display Online Camber, Toe, Caster sensor  leveling
    • Online Electronic leveling .
    • (JACK-HOLD)
       – Alignment Program during shim adjustment and parts replacement.
       -Data freezing while lift up position avoids fluctuation and change of measured data.
    • Low Chassis / Spoiler Program
    • Lift Runway Runout  Compensation
    • Front wheel quick measurement
    • 90°Rolling Run out Compensation 
       -Swift and convenient 4 wheel synchronous compensation with higher accuracy.
    • Vehicle database 
       -Internationally authoritative Auto Data, of U.K (licensed) covering over 20,000 car models worldwide
    • Self-diagnosis & Repair
    • Customer Data management
    • Operation status recorder (“Black box”) 

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  • Unique G58 Spec

    Dual modes of wired and wireless communication more reliable performance.

  • Unique G58 Spec

    8 beam infrared CCD image recognition and measurement technology.Self-adapting ambient light, 360° measurement field around vehicle, highest precision and widest application scope

  • Unique G58 Spec

    200 rolling compensation for swift & convenient 4 wheel synchronous compensation with higher accuracy

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