MYTOOLS MYA V58 Computerized 3D Wheel Alignment Machine

V3D Computerized Wheel Alignment Machine


    • HD special industrial camera

    • High Speed CPU

    • Usable for long wheelbase vehicle adjustment

    • All chassis data measurement including wheelbase, wheel track, axle offset and etc.

    • Multiple compensation ways or no compensation

    • Field installation, no need to calibrate

    • Camera can be replaced by built in compensation reference

    • Self diagnosis and correction function

    • Working efficiency management function

    • Windows operation system

    • Specific environmental adaptability and fill-in light flash function on cameras

    • Operation status recorder (Black Box)

    • Database covering more than 20,000 car models worldwide, intelligent update at any time.

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  • Unique V58 Spec

    3D advanced App Software

  • Unique V58 Spec

    Beam Automatically moves to track height

  • Unique V58 Spec

    3D animation step navigation

  • Unique V58 Spec

    Has Driving Guide Function

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